Fresh Bouquet Weekly Subscription

Get flowers delivered weekly or bi-weekly to your doorstep with’s flower subscription service. Easy, convenient, and unique, flower subscription is popular in Singapore as a gift for someone or for yourself.

Reasons To Purchase Flower Subscription

flower weekly subscriptionSpecial Occasions

Whether it is for birthdays, anniversaries, retirements, or graduation, flowers delivered weekly are perfect gifts. Delight your recipient with fresh flowers delivered to their doorstep weekly, leading to the special day.  You could also have flowers delivered a few weeks after the special day!

Promote Positive Vibes

Send flowers to promote positivity, especially for someone who needs a pick-me-up.  As a get well soon flowers, fresh flowers subscription ensures that your loved one gets a fresh flower arrangement every week for the duration you have specified.  

Surprise Proposal

Make your proposal extra special with a flower subscription. Surprise and impress with weekly fresh flowers alongside your proposal. Similarly, for special occasions, you can send her flowers weekly leading to the actual proposal, to build up excitement and anticipation.

flower subscription delivery singaporeBrighten Up Your Office

Scientifically proven to boost creativity and joy, fresh flowers are a perfect addition to any office space.  Brighten up the office with pops of colors, freshly replaced every week. As the flowers differ weekly, you and your teammates are going to be delighted with fresh new appeal every week!

For the Work-From-Home

As many are opting for Work-From-Home, flower subscriptions make a great gift or even a self-care gift. Cheer up a person who is working from home with weekly fresh flower delivery.  It is simply the perfect gift for a dear colleague, valued employee, or even your leader - as a reminder of how special they are to you, irrespective of the working environment.

flower subscription freshblooms.coJust Because

Sometimes gifts are equally meaningful when there is no special occasion or reason to purchase.  Just because you are thinking of the person is all you need to purchase a flower subscription for him or her.

Buying For Self

Ultimately the most important person is yourself, and that’s why flower subscriptions are great for this purpose. Place an order for a flower subscription to be sent to your doorstep weekly or bi-weekly so that you have fresh flowers to perk up your day.  Flowers can brighten up your living space, lift up your mood, and promote positivity - so it is a perfect gift to pamper yourself.

Check out’s flower subscription available in either Classic or Grand, in either weekly or bi-weekly options.  Select duration of either 1-month, 2-months, or 3-months.  Remember to also check out our occasional limited-edition flower deals that are sure to please and impress. 

ABOUT FRESHBLOOMS.CO - We started FreshBlooms as our way of sharing quality and beautiful flowers with anyone and everyone at affordable prices. Just like a floral surprise waiting to be discovered weekly, each box of FreshBlooms differs from the last, with no two boxes ever the same! Delivered right to your doorstep at your convenience, expect to receive only the freshest flowers that are designed to uplift moods and add a little oomph to the urban landscape we live in. Afterall, Happiness Begins with a Bloom!