Care Tips

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When you first receive your FreshBlooms

  • Remove flowers from packaging as soon as you can.
  • Prepare a clean bucket or empty space to layout your flowers.
  • Our flowers will arrive accompanied with two packets of flower food which will lowers the PH level of water and provide the nutrients to keep your flowers fresher for a longer period of time. Add in 1 packet of Chrysal flower food for every 0.5 litre of water. 
  • FreshBlooms flowers arrive in Arrive Alive Chrysal packaging/ water tubes which are only meant to keep flowers hydrated during their transport. Remove flowers from Chrysal packaging/ water tubes.
  • Using clean scissors, trip the stems of your flowers at a 45 degree angle to fit the vase length (minimum at least 2cm) to allow better water intake.
  • Remove all the leaves which are below the water line as they will wilt and create bacteria in the water, shortening the lifespan of your flowers.
  • Once stems have been trimmed and leaves have been removed, place flowers in the vase.
  • Roses are delivered with their guard petals on them. So if the outer rose petals which look bruised or brown with damage, do not panic! Rose guard petals are left on fresh cut flowers as these petals protect the inner petals from being bruised during transit. Gently remove the 1-2 outer petals to reveal the fresh petals inside.
  • Hydrangeas are flowers which require a lot of water intake. Remove the water tube upon unwrapping, trim the stems and place them in a vase with flower food as soon as you can upon receiving them. If hydrangea appears dehydrated when you receive them, do not panic! Simply prepare a clean bucket of water, submerge the flower head in the water and let it hydrate for 30mins or even overnight and they will revive afterwards.
  • Lilies and Tulips are delivered in their bud form, and that's perfectly normal. They are delivered in super fresh form so you can watch and enjoy their blooming process across the next few days!
  • Carnations are delivered fresh in their bud form, and that's perfectly normal as well. To open up their petals, gently use your thumb and index finger to massage the lower bud of the flower and rub the petals.

Daily care of flower

  • Place your vase of flowers in a cool area, away from direct sunlight.
  • Do not place your flowers in a refrigerator, air-conditioners, heaters as well as fruits. Yes, fruits! Fruits like tomatoes, bananas and apples produce high levels of ethylene, and this gas will cause rapid ripening/ aging of the flowers, causing them to wilt faster.
  • Trim your stems, and change water of your vase every 1-2 days. Bacteria grow on the bottom of stems, so a fresh cut of the stem will allow better absorption of water.
  • Remove any wilting leaves or flowers from the vase to prevent it from contaminating the rest of the flowers.

 Interesting ways to use your FreshBlooms