Buy Flowers for Yourself Using a Subscription Service

Have you ever bought flowers for yourself? If not, just go and get yourself fresh cut flowers today. Stop being a traditional conformist! There’s no reason to feel weird at all. You don’t need Valentine’s Day or any other big occasion to receive flowers.

Here’s something probably new to you. According to the Society of American Florists, 63% of floral purchases are for personal use. And out of 3 purchases of fresh flowers, 1 is for oneself. The same source also reveals that 60% claimed that a floral gift offers a unique meaning unrivaled by other presents.

But, there’s a stronger proof to validate this. Medical science proves that the beautiful sight, colors, shapes, patterns, arrangements, and fragrant scent of fresh flowers release happy brain chemicals in humans. And there are more interesting facts about flowers:

4 Cool Stuff About Flowers

#1 Booster for creativity and productivity

Place some fresh and colorful flowers in the office. Flowers can encourage positive vibes everywhere. When people feel cheerful, their creative juices spark multi-fold, and productivity skyrockets. As a result, this can lead to improved relationships and teamwork among work buddies and superiors. What a great start to living a successful career!

#2 Flowers as a reward

Give yourself roaring applause for well-accomplished tasks, no matter the menial or mega scale. Go and get freshly cut farm flowers to commemorate that proud day or moment.

#3 Flowers to spruce up your home


Imagine waking up to and going home to a house filled with some freshly scented nice flowers. Flowers provide you with a cozy, safe, and serene feeling. At each corner of your home, put some flowers in a vase, glass bottles, coffee or tea mugs. And your home decorations will get more spritely and livelier with flowers!

#4 Be a megastar of the day

Don’t be shy. Flaunt your creativity and artistic flair to your family members and friends.  Bask in the limelight while creating some wonderful surprises for all. Hand-delivered, jewel-toned fresh flowers making their glitzy appearance into your arms at the workplace or classroom will make heads turn. Beautiful blossoms will never fail to impress peers and bosses.

So, why get a flower subscription?

We hope we got you inspired by all the good stuff about flowers, let’s dive in why you need to get yourself a flower subscription:

Flower subscription is inexpensive

When you subscribe for a month, your average weekly spend is only $43 with free delivery, free flower food, and a free vase in the 1st week.  On top of that, you don’t have to worry about freshness or flower pairing because we get that all sorted out for you.

Saves time and convenient

Most of us are busy earthlings. You and I’d feel that 24 hours a day is overwhelmingly short. With a flower subscription plan, you only need to choose the appropriate plan and place your order online once. So, you can skip the time and hassle whenever there’s a need to buy fresh cut flowers.

Just sit back, have a cup of coffee while waiting for your beautiful blooms to arrive directly at your workplace, home, or whatever address you enter on the online florist store. Say yay to no more driving in mad jams and the best part is, you’re safely distanced from others.

Availability of flower subscription choices

There’s something for every individual’s preference. You can subscribe to our customized service plans based on pricing, and the type of flowers. Others include duration, date, time, and frequency of delivery. 

The main highlight is you’ll be receiving new and different fresh farm flowers every week or month. And you’ll get chances to receive unique or special flowers. Meet such a flower: Big fluffy Allium Globemaster (Ornamental Onion) to welcome the beautiful weekend! These flowers bloom from late spring to early summer and can stretch up to 8 inches across. So, let’s stop to smell the flowers and enjoy the beautiful things in life.

Are you ready to be bloomed away? For more information, check out our latest sweet surprises at -Singapore’s best weekly flower subscription box.