Self Care & Mental Health - How Subscribing to Weekly Flowers Delivery Can Change Your Life

Flowers in a vase

Nature is known to be a natural mood booster. You might have heard of all the sunflower seed benefits or how chamomile is used for several ailments. However, most of us did not know that flowers can boost mental health and promote self-care.

These things have become especially important in recent times due to the coronavirus pandemic. So, whether you’re looking for an experienced florist in Singapore or a subscription-based flowers delivery, we’ve got you covered!

Are you in search of a weekly flower subscription? Singapore is home to Fresh Blooms- a flower shop filled with some of the best and freshest flowers from around the world. But first, let’s take a look at how a simple flowers bouquet can uplift your spirit and snatch all the bad vibes away.

Floral Bliss - How Flowers Can Affect Your Mental Health and Boost Self Care

Many of us add flowers to our homes and offices because of the aesthetic value they hold, and it’s true; flowers do make a place look livelier. However, flowers can also help reduce stress-related anxiety and depression. Let’s take a look at different ways a flowers can make your day:

1. Mood Boosters

Flowers like lilies, roses, orchids, jasmines, and chrysanthemums are known to boost one’s mood. In addition to the pleasant fragrances, the colors are also associated with enhancing positive energies. Adding bright and warmed colored flowers with hues of yellow, pink, red, orange, or pastel colors will especially prove beneficial.

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2. Improve Productivity

Working from home has minimized outside interaction for many. As a result, most of us feel demotivated and unproductive. Adding plants and flowers to your home is known to be beneficial in this regard. According to a scientific research, flowers have proven to improve productivity and enhance motivation levels. Flowers such as African violets, orchids, and peace lilies are best for those looking to increase productivity at home.

3. Enhance Creativity

Flowers like lisianthus, lavender, and Cyprus vine can ignite the creative spirits of individuals around them. Ask any florist in Singapore, and they’ll tell you that flowers are a great trigger for new ideas and problem-solving. In addition to this, arranging flowers yourself will not only teach you a new skill, but it will improve your creativity and attention to detail.

4. Sleeping Aid

Many individuals with stress-related anxiety and depression can also develop sleeping disorders. The fragrances emanated by flowers such as lavender, lily, and jasmine can help lower heart rate and create a peaceful atmosphere. Keeping flowers bouquets in your bedroom can help create a calming aura that will provide a night of uninterrupted sleep.

Concluding Thoughts

Flowers are known for many healing benefits, and sending flower bouquets to your loved ones can make their days better. However, one should not neglect their own mental health- boost self care with our vast floral collection now! Looking for a flower subscription? Singapore is home to many flower shops, but we provide a unique and customized touch with each delivery entirely different from the last one. Click here to visit FreshBlooms’ website.